Welcome to FREEDM’s documentation!


This tutorial covers the installation and use of the FREEDM DGI 2.0.0. You should acquire the DGI from this link. If you choose to checkout code from the git repository, you should understand that the code you are pulling is experimental and unsupported.

This package includes only the DGI. A separate program from connecting the DGI to PSCAD is available at the PSCAD Repository on github. A typical simulation environment will include multiple DGI, typically three or five, which may run on the same Linux machine or on different machines. The simulation itself runs on Windows, either in PSCAD, in which case the DGI will communicate with the PSCAD Interface on a Linux machine, or in RSCAD with an RTDS, in which case the DGI will communicate with FPGAs. The DGI can also interact with physical devices that implement its Plug and Play Adapter protocol.

Obtaining Support

If there is an issue with the installation or use of the FREEDM DGI software, please contact the DGI developers at freedm-dgi-grp at <spamfree> mst dot edu.